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Seasons Electronics  is a turnkey Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) Manufacturer, which has both experience and expertise in all three types of assembly SMD, PTH, and mixture of both SMD and PTH. Let our engineers work with you on the engineering and design of your mixed component assemblies. For more information, contact us at sales@heros-electronics.com.


Dust-free Assembly Department (2015):


√ SMT 8 million points a day
√ DIP 200 thousand points a days (10 workers)
√ 3 x high-speed pick and place SMT lines (Fuji NXT)
√ 1 x Auto DIP Assembly Machine
√ 1 x Programming, IC Burning & Testing Line
√ 1 x Screwing, Cable, Harness, Battery Soldering, Enclose Assembly & Packing Line
√ 2 x Reflow Soldering Machine
√ 2 x Automatic Solder Paste Printer & 1 x Manual Printer
√ 1 x PCBA Depaneling Machine
√ 1 x IC Oven Machine
√ 1 x Auto Optical Inspection (AOI) Machine
√ 2 x Auto PCB and PCBA Loading & Downloading Machine
√ 28 x workers on SMT lines & 6 workers on DIP lines
√ 5 x SMT Machine Engineers
√ 2 x Programming & IC Burning Engineers
√ 6 x IPQC/QA
√ 3 x BOM List Engineers for quick quote


Assembly Services We Provide:


Fast PCB prototype board / PCBA prototypes

Surface mount PCB assembly

Through hole assembly

Electromechanical assembly

Final assembly

Full turnkey box build

PCBA E-test Fixture

Wiring &Cabling

Solder paste SMT stencils

PCBA contract manufacturing

IC Burning & Programming

Repairing upon schematic files


Max PCB Assembly Size

550mm x 450mm

Min PCB Assembly Size

50mm x 50mm

Min PCB Assembly Thickness


PCB Assembly Shape

No limited

Fiducial Marks

Not necessary but preferred

Single and Double-sided SMT/ PTH


Smallest Chips Size


Components Height


Min Pitch


Min BGA Ball Diameter


Max Parts Size by Machine Assembly

55mm x 55mm x 15mm

SMT Components Package Type

SOP, SOT, QFN, QFP, BGA, Bonding...

Assembly Surface Mount Connectors


Odd Parts:


Resistor and capacitor networks

Electrolytic capacitors

Variable resistors and capacitors (pots)


Yes, but only assembly by Hand

Wave Soldering


PCB Surface Finish

No Limited,

HASL (with / without lead)

Plating Gold

Immersion Gold /ENIG

Immersion Silver

Immersion Gold

Immersion Tin


PCB Panelization

Tab routed

Breakaway tabs


Routed + V-Scored



X-ray analysis

20X Microscope

Function Fixture


BGA removal and replacement station

SMT IR rework station

Thru-hole rework station


Seasons Electronics Assembly Technical Support

Professional surface mounting and through hole soldering Technology.

Various sizes like 1206, 0805, 0603, 0201 components SMT technology.

ICT(In Circuit Test), FCT(Functional Circuit Test) technology.

PCB Assembly With UL, CE, FCC, Rohs Approval.

Nitrogen gas reflow soldering technology for SMT.

High standard SMT & solder Assembly Line.

High density interconnected (HDI) circuit board placement technology.


Quote and Assembly Requirement

Gerber File or PCB File for Bare PCB Board Fabrication. 

 BOM (Bill of Materials) for Assembly, PNP (Pick and Place file) and Components Position.

 Full Part Number for all components, Components Qty per board and PCBA Qty. 

 Testing Guide or/and Function Testing Method.


If in demand of Electronics PCB Assembly, please send files and requirements to sales@heros-electronics.com for quick quote in 1-24 hours.