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FPC &Flex-rigid PCB Capacities
FPC &Flex-rigid PCB Capacities


FPCs are generally installed bent, folded or twisted, and are primarily used to replace wiring, connectors and antennas, then gradually to be the Flex-rigid PCBs aminated with rigid PCBs, now in widely use throughout the electronics industry. In response to market requirements, Seasons becomes a prototype-to-production Flex and rigid-flex PCB supplier. With its growing stronger core HDI technology in combination with flexible printed circuit boards, Seasons also provides high density interconnect (HDI) Rigid-flex PCBs expect for rigid HDI PCBs. Below is our FPC related services and markets served.

Markets Served

√ Medical -diagnostic hardware, medical electronics and medical imaging devices

√ Telecommunications -high frequency chip carriers and fiber-optical communication products.

√ Industrial & Commercial -robotics, consumer electronics, UAVs, connectors and LED lighting applications.

√ Automotive -camera modules, lighting and other automotive electronics.