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High Frequency PCB
Shengyi FR4 S7136 High Frequency PCB for Communication Antenna
Shengyi FR4 S7136 High Frequency PCB for Communication Antenna
Layer Count: 2L
Board Thickness: 0.8mm
Dimension: 65*44mm
Material: Taconic RF35
Surface Copper: 35μm
Min Hole Diameter: 0.7mm
Min line Width/Space: N/A
Surface Finish: immersion silver
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image: 2 Layer FR4 S7136 High Frequency PCB for Communication Antenna

Do you need a PCB for special signal requirement into your products? High Frequency PCB can meet it. High Frequency printed circuit board is also called RF (Radio Frequency) PCB with frequency generally at 500MHz or above, which makes it ideally suited for high-speed designs, as well as commercial microwave and RF applications due to their low Dk/Er (Dielectric Constant), controlled impedance transmission lines and loss of material. The higher transmission frequencies can also provide the faster signal flow rates that are a necessity in today's increasingly complex electronic switches and other components.


Equipped with a professional and thriving high frequency PCB factory, Heros Electronics is an experienced high frequency PCB manufacturer who provides a reliable, superior-performing high frequency PCB fabrication service.

Specialized Materials of High-Frequency Circuit Board


Special materials are required to achieve the high frequency provided by this type of printed circuit board - any changes in the DK/Er value of these materials can affect the impedance of the RF PCB circuit boards. Many PCB designers turn to special material for its lower dielectric loss, reduced signal loss, lower cost of circuit fabrication and better suitability for fast-turnaround prototyping applications.


In addition to choosing the appropriate PCB material and determining the correct the value of the DK/Er, designers must take other parameter into consideration such as conductor width and spacing, substrate constant, etc. These parameters must be exactly specified and implemented with the highest level of process control. We're a High-Frequency PCB Manufacturer that takes the time to assess your needs


Discuss your High Frequency PCB Project with Us Today


Don’t know which high frequency PCB material fits your custom PCB project, or the required material is not listed in the common-used materials table above, please discuss with our engineering sales representative, and we’ll give you our professional reply quickly.


For High Frequency printed circuit boards manufacturing, please send your PCB file (File Package Information) and requirements to sales@heros-electronics.com, we'll quote at our quickest speed.

PCB and Assembly Manufacturer Shenzhen 

Specialized in one-stop PCB and Assembly manufacturer, Heros Electronics is committed to providing quick-turn high quality PCB and PCBA to our customers all over the world with affordable price. Every circuit board is fabricated as per strictest standards in compliance to IPC class II, IPC class III, UL, RoHS and others, which ensures the PCB board and product assembly is done to exceed the requirement of customers.


Why Choose Us?

  1. Professional PCB fabrication team -all engineers have years’ experience in PCB manufacturing field
  2. Advanced equipment and high precision inspection & testing tools
  3. Top raw materials including CCL (Copper Clad Lamination), chemistry, and solder mask ink & legend ink
  4. Skilled operators with good command of all CCPs (Critical Control Points)
  5. Full set of surface finish equipment can do ENIG, immersion silver, immersion Tin, OSP, HASL (lead free), plating gold and plating silver without outsourcing risk.
  6. Cutting edge printed circuit board manufacturing process capacities
  7. Max aspect ratio reaches to 10 : 1
  8. Max copper weight on double PCB surface can reach to 6OZ
  9. The thickness of solder mask can control to 50μm
  10. Min Impedance control value is 50ohm +/- 5%
  11. Min NC drilling diameter 0.2mm and min laser drilling diameter is 0.1mm
  12. Circuit board manufacturing strictly as per IPC standards and make sure 100% qualified
  13. Strictly perform PDCA (Plan-Do-Check Action Cycle) process, and continuously improve product performance
  14. Leading outstanding enterprise of energy saving and environmental protection

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