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PCB Price Rising Up about 30% in Q3, 2017
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It’s said that Printed Circuit Board Price rising a lot lately invested by Sina.com. In Q3, 2017, it’s the hard time for LED display manufacturers. The upstream CCL (copper clad laminates) price rising causes a high degree of concern. On August 31, 2017, KB published a material price rising notice to all of their distributors and customers.

The total rising rate is as big as around 30%, which is different from before. Many material manufacturers deliver material as per new prices for those orders under production and new orders. What’s more, many PCB material manufacturers ask pay by cash as per new prices before shipping for those customers who haven’t made full payment for their orders, or they won’t arrange delivery.

This is the 2nd time for price rising in Q3, and the 1st is in July. In the 1st time, the reason of price rising is copper price rising by 1,000-2,000RMB/ton. With 2 turn price rising, the rising rate reaches about 30%. For LED display industry, they met the chip price rising before PCB material price rising. Both rising leads to the LED display price staying in a higher level.

After this turn of PCB material and PCB price rising, a few LED display manufacturers said they can’t bear, and started to rise their display price. But the leading LED display manufacturers haven’t yet published any price rising notice. It’s probably that the price rising of pcb material and printed circuit board will easily lead to a tragic price war, and trigger a big industry change.

The reorientation of the market structure and the change in the direction of the business are two major aspects of the big change in the industry. In the industry, both listed companies or small and medium enterprises are on the market is almost instinctive possessive, which originated from survival has always been an urgent need to solve the problem, each enterprise has been deeply entangled in this problem.

For survival in this LED display industry, what every manufacturer want to do is to sell their products out. But this sale strategy will occupy the energy of the manufacturers, which makes them can’t draw hands to do other things, like profit model upgrading.

This is a crisis for small and medium enterprises, but this is an opportunity for those large enterprises with strengths. Those large enterprises will take much more market share, and complete their own transformation opportunities for upgrading. Heroes emerge in troubled times. Turbulent market is often the breeding ground for new giants. The strong and ambitious enterprises are happy to see a big reshuffle on the market, and a group of small and medium-sized enterprises are eliminated. The original market will be received by the surviving enterprises, and industry concentration and business market share will be improved.

No one can predicate when the next price rising of PCB material and PCB boards.

As a one-stop PCB and assembly manufacturer, Seasons Electronics announce to rise PCB prices from 5% to 10% upon different PCB designs from today Oct 10th, 2017 because of price rising up of CCL, copper foil, PP and RCC in these months.