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PCB Materials
PCB Materials

Printed Circuit Board Laminate Suppliers


There are many PCB laminate brands in the world, but choosing which laminate for manufacturing your custom PCB board is vital to the quality. In Heros Electronics, all choosen-types of raw materials are well-known brands in PCB industry, which guarantees the reliability of PCB and PCB assembly. We have been paying much more attention on the long-term relationship with raw material suppliers to ensure the stability of the on-time and sufficient material supply.


Listed below are the partial brands we use.

PCB material supplier logos


Each brand has many different material models, some of them for common use, some for high frequency (low Dk/Df) use, some for high thermal conductivity use, and there is always a model fits your PCB design and its special requirement. For more about our Rigid PCB Manufacturing Capacities, pls click here.